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Bad Economy Could Raise Even Dollar Store Prices

I heard on the radio today that with the way the economy is going right now, dollar stores are having a tough time selling things for a dollar. The prices on some items could be raised to $1.25, $1.50 or even $1.75 on items normally priced $1, meaning less savings.

Even with a price increase, there’s still a large number of items that you can get cheaper than¬†from a¬†regular store and not all of the products will necessarily show an increase. Not all of the toys I have reviewed have been a dollar. Some of the bigger items were a little more, like the dart shotgun, or toys picked up at a smaller dollar store. Actually, now that I think about it, the dart shotgun was picked up at a smaller store.

It was not mentioned if they were definately going up or not, but in the meantime, it would be a good idea to take a few extra bucks to cover a possible increase. The smaller dollar stores with less room have slightly higher prices than a larger chain, like Dollarama, will likely raise prices as well. Aim for the bigger chains to keep things cheap, they are more likely to keep prices lower longer with the savings on buying stock in large quantities.

I can see it now, dollar store owners going out of business saying “The dream is over” a la Simpsons.

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