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Toy Exporters In China Forced To Close

Well I guess it was only a matter of time with all the problems causing toy recalls. According to the BBC, a large portion of the toy exporters in China have gone out of business. Safety issues with the exported toys has lowered the demand in addition to a stronger Chinese economy and higher safety standards have all played a part in the industries closures.

A whopping 3,631 exporters, more than 50% of the businesses, were shut down due to those factors. Most of those businesses were the smaller establishments who were unable to handle the massive recalls. The larger exporters, who were able to withstand the recalls, were told to comply with the safety regulations.

Read the full story here.

It’s too bad it had to come to that. I’m sure there was a large demand to get all those toys out to the store, but they just weren’t safe.

I remember starting to collect items for the website just before the first batch of recalls. I was wondering how that was going to affect the website. Some of the toys are actually decent for the price, although I couldn’t help but wonder which painted ones may actually be coated in lead paint. Lead paint was used on the toys because it made the toys shinier and kids like shiny things. I just figured the worst, all were potential hazards!

I’m sure the toys will be back once they get things sorted out over there, but will people be willing to buy the toys? I mean, other than me for this site.

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