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Death Star Exhaust Shaft Set To Jedi Master – SWFOTF

The Battle of Yavin was the battle in the first movie, first meaning Stars Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, to take out the first Death Star using the stolen Death Star plans.

The Star Wars Friends of the Force activity book has you helping Luke destroy the Death Star by using the Force to guide the proton torpedo down the thermal exhaust shaft.

Take a look at this.

Destroy The Death Star

Would Luke have destroyed the Death Star if the exhaust port looked like this?

The Death Star plans from Star Wars Episode 4 were far simpler in the movie. A proton torpedo fired into the exhaust port on the north side had a linear path straight to the center of the Death Star destroying the reactor and subsequently the Death Star.

The proton torpedo moving down the exhaust port in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Check out this nicely done recreation based on the movie.

This is the kind of difference you might see in a video game where the easy setting would be the straight path, like in Star Wars: A New Hope, and a very hard variation which would be all over the place, like the maze in the Star Wars Friends of the Force activity book.

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