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Stretch Armstrong The Movie

I guess they are really running out of ideas in Hollywood. Universal is teaming up with Hasbro to make a movie about the popular 1970s toy Stretch Armstrong, who made a comeback in the 1990s. He was a doll type thing that could be stretched. Arms, legs, body and neck could all be stretched and twisted all sorts of ways, but that’s all it could really do.

Many people are familiar with Stretch Armstrong, but would it really make for a good movie?

Check out the commercial for the more recent version.

Pretty silly commercial, I mean, wouldn’t the crooks just be able to keep driving and continually stretching him?

The stretch superhero thing has been done already in Fantastic Four with Mr Fantastic and they really needed the rest of the group with other powers to mix things up a bit. Then you have Plastic Man who could change into anything but usually stretch himself to and he never really caught on. But as the commercial shows, it would more likely be a comedy most likely laughed at than with.

It’s slated to be written by Steve Oedekerk with Ace Ventura 2 When Nature Calls and Bruce Almighty being some of his accomplishments. It’s your call if that makes it good or bad depending on whether or not you liked those movies.

Don’t get me wrong, Hasbro did well with the Transformers movie and they have an upcoming sequel and the all new GI Joe movie, but both of those were well established through cartoons, comics and toys.

Stretch Armstrong was basically a stress release toy, something you could take your frustrations on without causing permanent damage since he would go back to his normal shape after.

Hardly worthy of a movie. Plastic Man would be a better choice since at least he can change into things instead of just stretch.

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