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Family Dollar To Pay Civil Penalty

Joining Mattel, Fisher Price and OKK Trading, the Family Dollar Inc discount stores now has to pay a fine due to allegations that they were aware of and still sold toys with high lead content reports Bizjournal.

Unlike Mattel, Fisher Price and OKK Trading, who generally make the toys, Family Dollar is merely the discount dollar store that sells the toys. They have agreed to pay $75,000 to settle the allegations of violating the laws.

The Family Dollar Stores Inc is said to be one of nine companies fined for that reason, but the other eight aren’t listed, making Family Dollar the big name of the group or the company that has to pay the most of all nine companies. The total fine is over $500,000 for the nine companies combined and the $75,000 Family Dollar has to pay is at least 10% of what is fined.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission allegations say the companies knew they were doing it and the companies say they didn’t. No surprises there, but it is a surprise as to why they didn’t mention the other eight companies that were included in the fine.

Isn’t it kind of important to know what companies were fined so you can see if you happened to buy anything from them?

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