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37 Dollar Stores In Washington To Close

It seems things are not going as well in the Dollar Store realm as recent news reports are making it sound.

While are some dollar stores chains are enjoying increased profits and better than expected quarterly returns, most likely because of the economy, some dollar store chains are closing stores. In Washington State, 37 Dollar Stores( Dollar Store is the name of the store, not the type ) are closing up for good.

This will leave over 400 workers without a job after hoping things would be getting better. Instead, they found out May 1st the stores would be closing. The Dollar Store chain was bought out and the new owner filed for bankruptcy and decided to clear everything out.

The store closures are going to going to affect a number of elderly and low income customers who relied on the low prices of these dollar stores. In the meantime, they can always stock up on items. Many items are now discounted to help clear out merchandise and some merchandise is even 40% off regular price.

Management is also concerned for younger employees who will soon find themselves looking for another job to get by in a tough job market.

Read the entire news store here.

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